What Moves Us Now?

There’s a great big world out there that is trying to grab our attention, to lead our eyes to a new spot on the page, to entice us to follow the video movement into the storyline or tickle our senses in a way that makes us want to Buy This or Go Here or Be This Way.

Images and sound in all their forms pour out of all the screens that are now a huge part of our lives. The experts know this sensory information is just as important (if not more so) than words and numbers in their power to capture attention, communicate information and ideas, and change behavior.


A long time ago in advertising, pictures were just beginning to join words on the page, otherwise filled with verbal descriptions:


Now this is how we are persuaded: (No words attached.)







I learned, not long ago, that an animated form of this infographic was the most effective ad in Obama’s 2012 campaign. Just think, a few lines and colors outshown all those talking heads in the ability to communicate meaning and move people to action.

Obama ad

We want kids to be, not just the consumers of this kind of information, but the creators! We want to see them on the leading edge of creating the new world. Who knows, this could soon be the answer to a story problem in 5th grade math:



So, start by learning your Sensory Alphabet!


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