It’s Only Logical!

Sometimes people separate creative thinking and critical/logical thinking, when in reality, both are necessary for problem solving and innovation. Logic is important not just in studying math and science, but in reading, understanding history and other subjects as well. Playing with logic can help us think beyond the obvious and even expose some prejudices and misconceptions we didn’t know we had. Let’s play! Be careful. Think twice. Look for tricks.     Maybe/Maybe Not Here Read More →

Wonderland in Waco

My mother would drop me off there and pick me up, usually late, usually yelling, “Just get in the car! Get in the car! She never realized she was plucking me out of my dysfunctional, working class world and dropping me off (temporarily) into a wonderland created by Paul Baker and his associates. The first time we came, we first threaded past the traditional brick and concrete buildings of Baylor to a different kind of Read More →

Anansi the Spider

My birthday is Halloween and my gift to all of you is a story and a costume about a spider. There are many tales of Anansi, the Spider, originating from the Ashanti people of Ghana. Anansi is a trickster who is keeper of the stories of their culture. One tale was re-told and illustrated by Gerald McDermott. This time Anansi is a father of six spider sons, all with unique talents. Father Anansi falls into Read More →

Playing with Paper

For now and the future, children need to know how to explore and use a variety of high tech and high touch materials. Let’s begin with paper and, whenever possible, use recycled paper. What can you do with paper? Well, besides writing, drawing or painting on it, try some of these: CUT or TEAR paper to make animal shapes people shapes letters numbers geometric shapes spirals masks hat brims eyeglasses mustaches beards finger puppets puzzles Read More →

Time Out!

How much time do you or your children spend out of doors? Michael Pollan has written a book, Ecological Literacy: Educating our Children for a Sustainable World, in which he shows that how essential it is for us to remain in contact with nature and to do so freely playing and exploring. When some of us seniors grew up, we played for hours outside daily and only came home when Mom honked the special car Read More →

Animal Trivia

This game is different from many competitive trivia games because, instead of finding one right answer, you must find as many answers as possible. Thus, this game encourages creative fluency. The game is best played between two groups but two individuals can play it as well. Rules: Take turns choosing a card. On your turn give as many examples as you possibly can. (Try to be specific, for example, say “swan, crow, canary, parrot, etc.” Read More →

La empatía necesita imaginación

La empatía es la capacidad de entender o sentir lo que otra persona está experimentando desde dentro de marco de referencia del otro ser, es decir, la capacidad de volver a situarse en la posición del otro. “Camina una milla en sus mocasines.” Incluso si dejar de lado el componente emocional, la empatía sigue siendo necesaria para la curación y el equilibrio para llevarse a cabo. No me tiene que gustar y cómo se sentiría Read More →

Empathy Takes Imagination

EMPATHY is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other being’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. “Walk a mile in their moccasins.” Even if you leave out the emotional component, empathy is still needed for healing and balance to take place. I don’t have to like you or feel for you to appreciate what it might be like to be you. Read More →

Mix It Up!

Sometimes new materials will get your creative juices flowing. Try these recipes and use them for play/invention.   BUBBLE SOAP Supplies: quart container spoon 8 tablespoons of liquid detergent (Joy or Dawn work well.) 1 quart water small amount of glycerin (Ask the pharmacist.) Directions: Mix detergent, water and glycerin in a quart container Add food coloring if desired. Activities: Use straws as blowers. See how big a bubble you can blow. See how many Read More →

Mirror, Mirror…

Mirrors can literally give you a new way to look at things and sometimes spark your creative thinking. Try these activities with mirrors of different kinds: PRIMING Observe Try these and take photos and/or notes of the results. Use one or more mirrors of different sizes to look at things inside and outside. On a desk, look at different flat pictures. Use a mirror on the top, sides and bottom of the picture to double Read More →