January, 2018

Seeking Clues: Line, Color, Texture

LINE Bending Lines Provide a container of long pipe cleaners, black if possible, and large and small balls of modeling material. Demonstrate how to stick the pipe cleaner into a ball to make it stand up vertically. Ask the children to create different kinds of interesting lines. Interpretation: A child with a strength in this area will create different kinds of interesting lines. He may stick them all in one large ball or in separate Read More →

Seeking Clues: Movement, Sound, Rhythm

Continuing the quest for clues about each child’s creative strengths, I present these activities for three more elements of the Sensory Alphabet. MOVEMENT  Statues Demonstrate turning around once and posing like a statue. Encourage children to make their own unique poses. Videotape several children doing so at the same time. Interpretation: A child strong in body movement will show control in turning around and will create an interesting pose. Others: May not follow directions in Read More →

Seeking Clues: Light and Movement

Here are more activities, using the elements of the Sensory Alphabet, that provide clues as to individual children’s strengths. Remember the idea is to provide open-ended experiences that allow diverse responses. LIGHT CLUES  Day or Night Cover the tables with plastic. Ask the children to draw and collage to make a picture of night or day. With the markers and general materials, add aluminum foil, glitter glue, gold, silver stickers, black paper and chalk and Read More →

Seeking Clues: Space

All activities in New World Kids are designed to be open-ended and therefore elicit diverse results. The following activities are especially designed to help reveal clues as to the unique non-verbal strengths in each child’s thinking, using the qualities of the Sensory Alphabet as lenses. The teacher presents the children with specific media and a specific assignment. The teacher looks at the results for clues as to how each child thinks and learns best. For Read More →

Teacher Strengths

  A new year is a good time to reflect on yourself and your own strengths as a thinker and learner. Only think of your strengths. Don’t worry about your deficits. Don’t worry about how many strengths you have. This is a good blog to print out so you can circle items that are true for you. Or you can save it as a document and highlight favorite items. Use these strengths to enhance your Read More →