December, 2017

Everybody Read!

One of my favorite strategies for encouraging active engagement is called Shared Reading. This can be a whole class activity in which all children, regardless of reading skills can participate. Shared Reading can also be a template for reading with one child or a small group. The secret is to include as many senses as possible (via the Sensory Alphabet) and to involve multiple intelligences (a la Howard Gardner).   Objectives for Children: To practice Read More →

Experiment, Play and Make

The 21st century calls for literacy in both high-touch and high-tech materials. To demonstrate deep understanding, students will need a wide variety of media in which to express ideas and convey information. Producing different versions of a quality in different media will further deepen understanding. For example: The same line looks very different when made with a pencil, Japanese brush, clay, pipe cleaner, sand, bottle tops, computer app or whole body. Each brain is unique Read More →

Observe and Collect

Creative Moves The creative process is one of going from idea to form or from problem to solution. The end result is producing something innovative, useful, enriching or otherwise of value. The process can be broken down into components, practiced and learned. These include using the senses more deliberately, generating ideas (and problems), finding new connections, playing with possibilities in different contexts and media, changing viewpoints, giving form to ideas (or solutions to problems), getting Read More →