April, 2017

Difficult People

Many times in life, we and our children will experience what we might call “difficult people.” These are people that push your buttons, drive you crazy, perhaps even make you want to resort to violence. Don’t do it! Talk to your children about this and model positive behaviors. Here are some suggestions that might help: Different, not difficult. We were all born with unique temperaments and dispositions that sometimes might clash. For example, my mother Read More →

Special Needs?

What if you had to demonstrate a jazz dance, analyze a cubist painting and play Fur Elise on the piano before you could graduate from high school? How would you do? What if these skills were considered just as important as writing a persuasive essay, solving a quadratic equation or explaining the causes of the American Revolution? Everyday, students who have been labeled as having “special needs” are asked to operate in areas where they Read More →

Free Play

There has been a dramatic rise in depression and anxiety in children and young people in America that cannot be attributed to wars and conflict. Twenge and colleagues finds a domino effect, beginning with the decrease in free play. In play, children learn to explore on their own, resolve problems, take on other people’s viewpoints, and control their own lives. Today children are over-scheduled, pushed to pass high stakes tests, driven not to fail, and Read More →