January, 2017

How Does a Child Learn?

If a person is an educator or parent, she has a theory about how children learn. We all do, whether we realize it or not. Some people see children as smaller adults, who learn as adults do. This is wrong. Developmental psychologists from Piaget to the present know that children go through stages of development and that how they learn at one stage is different from the next. For example, an adult may learn through Read More →

Acting Out

Dramatic play has many benefits for a child’s development. Here are a few: A child can take on an adult role that he is not yet old enough to attempt, such a fire fighter, doctor, teacher or parent. This helps him understand and even REHEARSE adult roles and responsibilities. When she plays a role different from herself, she is exposed to a new point of view and is more likely to develop EMPATHY for that Read More →

Take a Seat!

Last summer I wrote about the importance of making a “study” of different subjects and objects. A study helps build creative fluency, make connections between different ideas, and develop deeper understanding. At that time I used “shoe” as an example. http://themissingalphabet.com/making-a-study/ Here are suggestions for making a study of chairs. Concrete Experience. Take a real chair that is simple and sturdy. Sit in it as many different ways as you can imagine. Then think of Read More →