December, 2016

Be the Boss!

Researchers find that children not only need cognitive skills, but metacognitive skills, sometimes called “executive functions,” as well. Think of the difference in the work of an executive and worker. The worker does his job, however large or small. The boss’ job is to take the 30,000 foot view. She must plan, evaluate, monitor and coordinate all the workers and all the jobs. The role difference can also be seen in director and actor, coach Read More →

Beyond the Obvious

Last week I was at the pool in the nearby gym, exercising knees and other parts for my health and well being. Two young teenage boys were there horsing around. They had thrown many foam weights around in the water. They chattered loudly. They splashed so much they got my hair wet. The knee-jerk response was to ask them what they were doing in the pool without supervision, to demand they put the weights back Read More →