November, 2016

Flips and Rotations

Visual intelligence is an important part of understanding our modern word. Observing the natural world around you, drawing pictures, taking photos, and making videos are all creative ways to enhance your visual intelligence. We also need to be able to create and decipher info-graphics of all kinds, including maps, graphs, charts and other visual representations of data. Here are some fun ways to play with visual ideas—related to flips and rotations in math and symmetry Read More →

Brain Strain

Our brains are enriched by trying to solve problems. Only our egos care if we get the right answer—our brains get stronger just by trying. These problems are good for people from about 10 to 100 years old. Misleading Information Each of the questions below looks straightforward, but there is something tricky about each one. Can you figure them out? Get a friend or two to help. If you get stuck, use the Internet or Read More →

It’s Only Logical!

Sometimes people separate creative thinking and critical/logical thinking, when in reality, both are necessary for problem solving and innovation. Logic is important not just in studying math and science, but in reading, understanding history and other subjects as well. Playing with logic can help us think beyond the obvious and even expose some prejudices and misconceptions we didn’t know we had. Let’s play! Be careful. Think twice. Look for tricks.     Maybe/Maybe Not Here Read More →

Wonderland in Waco

My mother would drop me off there and pick me up, usually late, usually yelling, “Just get in the car! Get in the car! She never realized she was plucking me out of my dysfunctional, working class world and dropping me off (temporarily) into a wonderland created by Paul Baker and his associates. The first time we came, we first threaded past the traditional brick and concrete buildings of Baylor to a different kind of Read More →