April, 2016

Positive Change

Recently, I was saddened to see a picture on Facebook of a six-year-old in his mother’s arms, making an obscene gesture over her shoulder. I was more dismayed to hear the reaction of the woman who posted the picture. She called the child “a little s***” and ranted that he needed a good spanking from his parents or teacher. She felt he was putting something over on adults and needed to be held accountable. Here’s Read More →

Differentiating Professional Development

Edutopia recently came out with an article, “Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development?” http://www.edutopia.org/blog/why-dont-we-differentiate-pd-pauline-zdonek This is something I have been doing for decades so I decided to share one of my low-tech strategies. Participant Potpourri. I usually do this for Elementary reading workshops, but it could be done with subject and any group where the teachers have different grade levels. It takes a lot of planning, but it is always worth it. Besides, I often Read More →