January, 2016

Reflections on Reflection

Recent neuroscience suggests that reflection is necessary for learning to take place. This means that it is not normal or helpful for children to spend long periods “listening to the teacher.” They need time to reflect on their learning. Contemporary educators are beginning to pick up on this idea and suggest many clever ways to help students assess their own understanding. Most of them have children ask, “What am I learning?” “What gaps are there Read More →

Movement Play

If you or any of your children love to move, try playing around with these problems—best done with a partner or in a small group. These activities are also fun to videotape and playback! WARM-UP ACTIVITIES: Gently move around your head, arms, waist and legs. Reach up high and reach down low. Run in place. Jump softly to the left and to the right. Bend from the waist and pretend you are a puppet whose Read More →