October, 2015

Golden Oldies

As a senior citizen, I attend many courses and workshops—online and not—to exercise my creativity and learn new things, as well as to express the best of my experience to new generations. Here are some suggestions I have for other seniors or for those planning creative experiences for us “golden oldies.” A great idea is to have kids interviewing elders—their own grandparents or others in the community. My colleague Susan (Russell) Marcus and favorite teacher Read More →

El cerebro y el aprendizaje

This is speech I delivered via Skype in Guatemala to a conference of teachers. Due to interest in my work by many Latin Americans, I’m posting this as a blog. Bienvenidos, colegas, amigos y educadores. Yo soy Dra. Cynthia Herbert. Estoy en la capital de Tejas—Austin. Durante 15 años yo era el instructor principal del Programa CASS / Semilla en San Antonio en Palo Alto College, coordinado por Julia Jarrell. Este programa se centró en Read More →

Dramatic Solutions: Guessing Games

Another way to help older struggling readers is to play guessing games routinely. An app for a mini-iPad that you can purchase for 99 cents is called “Heads Up!” Players are in groups of 3 to 5. When it is a group’s turn, they have one of their members be the guesser. The guesser will hold the mini-iPad on his forehead, where a word or phrase will appear. The others in his group will pantomime Read More →