May, 2015

What’s the Point? (Part II)

Research from neuroscience has become very popular in the last few years and is used to do everything from sell insomnia medications to help students pass tests. New imaging techniques and electro-microscopy have allowed us glimpses into brains when they are at work and rest. Comparisons have helped us understand and sometimes prevent, cure or work with a number of illnesses and other challenges. Educational enterprises have been quick to use bits of research to Read More →

What’s the Point? (Part I)

Many years ago, when school districts were first becoming infatuated with technology in Texas, I was asked to help many of them write grants to obtain computers and other digital devices. My first question was always, “Why?” To me, a new computer was just a new tool—neither positive or negative—like a pencil—but certainly much more expensive. My thinking was and is, “Why get a computer if a pencil is all you really need?” Also, as Read More →


How do you learn your multiplication facts? What makes them stick? or float away? Here are my suggestions: Understand what multiplication is Represent it lots of different ways Find patterns Practice till you know the facts   UNDERSTAND WHAT MULTIPLICATION IS Children who do not really understand the concept they are memorizing will not be likely to retain it for long. ** Chants and songs. Take important facts about multiplication and make up songs and Read More →

Cultural Connections

Besides sharing your own culture with your children (or grandchildren), great benefit can come from exploring other cultures as well. Our world is truly shrinking and as the saying goes, we all need to “think globally and act locally.” Ideas: Travel. A visit (even a virtual visit) to another country can help us see our own country more clearly. Just as a fish is unaware of water until it isn’t there, a glimpse of a Read More →

El pajaro-cu

Para Cinco de mayo: Una leyenda mexicana relatada de nuevo por Cynthia Herbert El Pájaro-­‐cu Todo empezó cuando el mundo se creó. Ninguno de los pájaros tenía plumas. El águila, que era el jefe de los pájaros, se disgustó. “¡Cada pájaro debe tener plumas! dijo. Así que todos los pájaros vinieron a escoger sus plumas. El cisne escogió plumas blancas. El cuervo las escogió negras. El arrendajo quiso plumas azules y el cardinal las quiso Read More →