November, 2014

A Place for Ideas

My family did not have much money and I was one of those kids that like projects—so I was constantly building, collaging, sewing, putting on shows and otherwise creating things—with or without my little sister and brother as actors, product testers and guinea pigs. When I was 9 (in 1952!) my mother enrolled me in a program, “Ideas in Motion,” at the local university theater. This was truly a “place for ideas”! We not only Read More →

Beautiful Trash

Something that inspired me and has persisted as an interest into adulthood is the potential of recycled materials. I have always enjoyed making things with my hands and have trouble keeping them still. As a child, many of the library books I checked out were of the “how-to” variety. I would get a book on origami or making doll furniture or kitchen chemistry and would do things first “by the book” and then would create Read More →