December, 2013

Feed You, Feed Me

The winter holidays are a time for giving, for sharing, and for reflecting on the passing year. This is a terrific time for families to celebrate their values and traditions as they nurture the spiritual, emotional and social intelligence of their children. A favorite activity of my colleagues and I is called “The Great Meal Exchange,” which is especially appropriate at this time of year. In short, two people assemble and serve each other a Read More →

Screen Smarts and Digital Tools

The following is the full-length version of an article in this month’s “NFamily Magazine.” It is a bit long for a blogpost, but is so chocked full of important information about digital app tools that will spark children’s creativity, we wanted you to have every bit of it:   Gift packages this year will for many families include something with a screen: a digital tablet or mini-tablet, a new smart phone, a digital camera. Your Read More →