February, 2013

Ft. Worth, here we come!

The 2013 NAEA National Convention is just around the corner…that is, the National Arts Education Association. And this year it’s being held literally around the corner in Ft. Worth! March 7 — 10. If there are any arts educators out there who are attending, we want you to know that co-authors Susan Marcus and Cindy Herbert will be giving two presentations. We’d LOVE to see you there! Details below: Session 1: Monkeybars for Young Minds: Read More →

Powerful Voices for Change

For parents who are interested in systemic change in education: know that there is important ongoing research that supports these large questions and is engaged in imagining what these changes might look like—from a foundation of applied research. What we’re posting here is an evocative 7-minute video that voices these concerns and hints at some forward momentum. It introduces the story of connected learning, the outcome of a six-year research effort supported by the MacArthur Read More →