December, 2012

Creative Thinking Gifts for the Tactile Kid

  If your child has to get his or her hands into everything; if everything she or he makes is layered and collaged and stacked up with one line, shape, pattern on top of another; if you child has always noticed and talked about the way clothing, blankets, stuffed animals feel to the touch — your child might count texture among his or her Sensory Alphabet strengths. These creative thinking tools are great fits for Read More →

We’ve been quoted in one of the biggest parent sites out there! See the article on gender-neutral activities for kids here. Our message about working with the creative strengths of our children is one we think essential for all parents. This reporter wanted to know some activities for parties and other outings that were gender-neutral. Our take is that gender is one of the least important factors of diversity to consider. A child’s unique interests, thinking Read More →

Creative Thinking Gifts for the Color Kid

  We believe in working from children’s strengths and providing toys, tools and supplies that are open-ended, can be used in creative work and play, and that can help your child make a leap from “I can’t..” to “I can!” Here are a few ideas to light up your holiday with imagination with creative thinking gifts. These gifts will honor your child’s imagination and make the holiday season more meaningful and more personal. While each Read More →

Take Charge of Technology

Today many of our children, even young children, are constantly interacting with technology—television, computers, cell phones, video games, and so on. One parent told me her three-year-old had to show her how to navigate the web! As parents we worry, “Is technology bad for our children?” In my opinion technology is technology–whether it is a pencil or a computer. Technology is anything we use to extend our senses and ability to communicate. The important question Read More →

Adobe on Creativity: Why it Matters

Last month, Adobe, the pioneering software company that brought us Photoshop, released an important survey called “Creativity and Education: Why it Matters.” It found creativity to be an important component of success in today’s workplace. A towering 85% believe that “creative thinking is critical for problem solving in their jobs.” And a vast majority of those interviewed believe creativity could and should be taught. This is a thoughtful, up-to-the-minute survey regarding creative thinking. It’s a Read More →